Stackable Banquet Chairs

They're perfect for any function environment – from weddings, services and receptions through to corporate events, training seminars and even room hire parties.Our stackable banqueting chairs have a fluency of design and appearance that makes them equally at home against any backdrop.You can use them as simple function chairs in any number of settings – or furnish your banquets with them with equal success. How?

The key lies in our design principles. Here at Ningbo we should be able to perform multiple purposes according to client requirements – if you’re running a conference centre, for example, you need furniture that can mould itself to the different uses your customers are looking for. So we’ve built our stackable banqueting chairs in such a way that (with one or two top of the range built for purpose exceptions) they can be used with equal success for a high level business conference, a corporate jolly, a wedding, or a simple birthday party.

Our stackable banqueting chairs are built to stack up to 10 units high – allowing maximum storage in even the most awkward of places. Even if you’re running a country house style conference centre we know our chairs will fit in those out of the way cupboards and cubby holes! They’re manufactured, as much as possible, from recycled materials: which means they not only look great, but they’re helping you do your bit to offset that carbon foot print as well. All of our chairs are made from easy clean materials, which, again, are constructed wherever possible to actively repel the normal splashes and accidents one sees at room hire events. With superb lateral and horizontal strength (we make sure our chairs look good, but we stick some pretty sturdy struts underneath them as well), all our stackable banqueting chairs are guaranteed to last well beyond their expected lifespan, too.

Check out our full stock list for a range of looks and designs. Customers running to locations where wedding hire or dress banquets are common may wish to consider our luxury chairs, which have been developed purely to service high end functions. The Ice and Cheltenham are particularly suitable for weddings.

If you have specific requirements, or just want some more information, please feel free to get in touch. You’ll find minimum order quantities listed in each banqueting chair’s individual site entry. Our customer services department will be happy to talk about large order and bulk discounting on them.

Our Latest Special Offers

We have a constantly-changing stock of all types of Stacking Chairs and are hence able to offer Fantastic One-Time only Deals to our customers on a regular basis, so why not contact us and see what special offers we have available RIGHT NOW?

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