Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are standard issue for all function runners, events hire companies and caterers. No matter what your business is, whether you run small conferences for little businesses or cater for thousands in multi-party function tents, our folding chairs are the answer to all your functionality, furnishing and space saving requirements.

Folding chairs are the answer to all your functionality, furnishing and space saving requirements. where, more importantly, the gear used to furnish the event has to be shipped in and shipped out again. There’s no point trying to truck in a load of pre-fabricated chairs in lorries – unless you have a fleet big enough to cope you’ll never seat everyone, and even if you do have a large enough fleet loading all those chairs out and in would take days. Folding chairs are the answer – they’re practically flat, until assembled (which means they can be transported in a single lorry) and they are built to withstand all the vicissitudes normally associated with outdoors events.

For example, our plastic moulded folding event chairs are impregnated with weather and mould proof materials that ensure continued colour vibrancy even in direct sunlight; and protect against rusting for years to come. We’ve taken advantage of modern developments in plastic moulding and anti-weathering metal components to produce cheap, reliable folding chairs that really do the business in even the dampest conditions!

For something a little more traditional (but still just as tough!), you ought to take a look at our white resin folding chair line. The white resin chair looks like a white wooden chair, the kind of thing you might have seen at a village cricket match in the early 20th century. It’s extremely strong, stacks in a revolutionary interlocking fashion so pallet shaped batches can be moved in one go, and is fully treated against UV and weathering. Our white resin folding chairs are absolutely ideal for weddings and outdoor receptions – sit down meals, or evening dances, for example. Like their metal counterparts, they’re extremely affordable (designed, again, to offer a bulk solution for basic function chair requirements) and can be delivered at a bulk discount for large quantity orders.

Don’t forget your basics, when you stock your company or function room facility. Every client, at one time or another, needs a simple solution to a large seating problem. Our folding chairs cover all your bases, allowing you to provide quality, quickly, and at unbeatable prices.

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