Metal Chairs

Some function and conference style environments require a specific type of chair - strong, simple and very easy to store. Our metal chairs tick every box on that list with ease. We’ve developed a range of metal based chairs for frequent use and tight storage - and a line of chairs with metal legs, struts and back supports for functions that require a little more in the way of furniture presentation. Whichever unit you choose, you can do so in the knowledge that you’re getting the best possible value for money, both in terms of style and product longevity. As far as we can tell, our metal chairs outlast any other comparable product in the business.

Whether you're running a corporate event hire location, a wedding hotspot or just a series of function rooms, you’ll always need basic function chairs in your back room. They can be used to augment unexpectedly full events, or simply as the chair of choice in function rooms, centres and spaces where rapid assembly and dismantling of an event is a priority. Our metal chairs are also ideal for transitory events, including festivals, fetes and temporary beer gardens. External event hire companies, catering companies and festival organisers will benefit from the easy storage, quick assembly and superior strength of our metal designs: plus, of course, the astonishingly low prices we sell them at. The metal chair is, after all, our “basic” function furniture. We work hard to ensure that its cost stays in line with its all-rounder functionality. You can find minimum quantities per order listed on individual product info pages. We’ll also offer bulk discounting on large number purchases – which, given the intended function of our metal chairs, is likely to be most of them!

Whatever you've got to furnish - from a high class function suite to a roving festival, a beer tent or even a temporary sporting event (our metal chairs are also ideal for spectator viewing areas at sports like indoor tennis, boxing and show jumping) – our metal function chairs can help you do it in style and without worry. Simply browse our stock on site, or give customer services a call to discuss your requirements in detail. Our furnitures stay clean and shapely for years. Depend on it.

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We have a constantly-changing stock of all types of Stacking Chairs and are hence able to offer Fantastic One-Time only Deals to our customers on a regular basis, so why not contact us and see what special offers we have available RIGHT NOW?

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